Soul Garden 

Santa Catherina
Willemstad - Curaçao
+5999 563-9848

About Us

Who We Are

At Soul Garden we provide Master mind sessions, workshops, inspirational get togethers, arts and crafts, all available at this natural oasis, surrounded by trees, plants and flowers.

We believe wholeheartedly that changes in the community start from within each person (from the soul). If each person polishes themselves from within, each one can handle the world around them with more compassion, loyalty, kindness and
understanding. Nature is our inspiration, nature teaches us a lot about life if we sit and observe the things that happen in Nature. By each person finding out their true Nature, they can be authentic and thereby contribute their uniqueness to the improvement of the community. Combining Nature - Authenticity and Leadership we can build a solid foundation for the improvement of the community as a whole.

Haydee Hermans
Founder & Owner

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Why Us?

Changes in the community start from within each person.. from the soul.

That's why all our services at Soul Garden Curaçao are there to inspire you!